Warren County Courthouse (Second Floor)
125 N. Monroe Street, Suite 7
Williamsport, IN  47993


(765) 762-3275


Monday - Friday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm EST
Closed for major holidays


Robin Weston-Hubner, Auditor

Sue Johnson, Deputy

Jill Wilson, Deputy

Charity Perigo, Deputy


Duties: As County Auditors we must work together as a team with the Assessor and the Treasurer. Our duties are independent of one another, thus allowing us to reconcile against each other. Through the various applied checks and balances we are held to a high degree of accountability. This level of accountability is not only to the state agencies, but first and foremost we are accountable to the taxpayer.

A few of the duties that are administered by the Auditor’s Office are payroll, accounts payable, budgets, abatements, employee benefits, property deductions and maintenance of the property transfer books.

The Auditor is Secretary to the County Commissioners, County Council, State Tax Adjustment Board, County Drainage Board, Board of Review and Data Board.

Current News:

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