County Commissioners / County Council

Deadline to be placed on the Commissioners' Agenda is Noon on the Wednesday prior to meeting.
County Commissioners
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County Commissioner minutes

Commissioner Meeting Dates

Deadline to be placed on the Commissioners' Agenda is Noon on the Wednesday prior to meeting.

In order to reach an elected County Commissioner, please contact the Auditor's Office in the Warren County Courthouse at 765-762-3275, or

Craig Greenwood -

John Comer -

Clay Andrews -

The Board consists of three Commissioners who are elected to four-year staggered terms at County general elections. 

The Warren County Board of Commissioners serves as the executive and legislative authority for the county.  The Board's statutory duties include:
  • Supervision of the County Highway system;
  • Construction and maintenance of County bridges;
  • Management of all County property;
  • Auditing and authorizing claims;
  • Receiving bids and authorizing County contracts;
  • Exercising appointments to boards, commissions, committees, and certain department heads;
  • Supervision of County building regulations;
  • Management of County information technology system;
  • Supervision of County economic development;
  • Liaison to all County officeholders.
The following County Departments are directly under the authority of the Warren County Commissioners:
  • Highway Department
  • Courthouse Custodian
  • Emergency Management Agency
  • Zoning Department
The Warren County Commissioners meet on the 1st & 3rd Monday's @ 8:30 a.m., unless otherwise specified, in Commissioners Room, Warren County Courthouse. 

Craig Greenwood - District 1

Townships- Pike, Washington

Clay Andrews - District 2

Townships- Jordan, Kent, Mound, Prairie, & Steuben

John Comer - District 3

Townships- Adams, Liberty, Medina, Pine, & Warren

COMMISSIONER MINUTES PRIOR TO AUGUST 2018:  Please see the Auditor's Office.

County Council
In order to reach an elected County Council Member, please contact the Auditor's office in the Warren County Courthouse. 


Neil Ellis - District 1

Townships- Jordan, Kent, Mound, Prairie, & Steuben

Matthew Commons - District 2

Townships- Liberty, & Pike

Ben Dispennett - District 3

Townships- Washington

Dwaine Akers - District 4

Adams, Medina, Pine, & Warren

Ethan Foxworthy - At Large

Sharon Hutchison - At Large

Russel Hart - At Large

County Council Duties Include: 
The council has the ultimate decision-making power regarding fiscal affairs.  The
council has authority to view or review fiscal matters, determine proper policy, and set priorities for the allocation and expenditure of county funds.  The General Assembly determines the powers of the county council in this area.  Typically these powers include:
  • Approving and fixing annual operating budgets of all county government offices and agencies. {IC 36-2-5-7}
  • Establishing salaries, wages, per diems, and other compensation for all county officials and employees.{IC 36-2-5-3}
  • Fixing tax rates and establishing levies on all county property for the purpose of raising funds to meet budget requirements in conducting county business [IC 36-2-5-11}, as well as authorizing the borrowing of money in the form of bonds and notes. {IC 36-2-6-18}
  • Appropriating public funds, i.e., authorizing the expenditure of county money by particular officials or departments for specific purposes. {IC 36-2-5-11 and IC 36-2-5-12}
  • Authorizing certain purchases or sales of county owned land. {IC 36-1-11-3}
  • Performing non-binding review of civil units’ budgets within the county and comparing growth rates of civil units with non-farm income growth. Review becomes binding on non-elected units when those units exceed statewide growth average. {6-1.1-17-20.5}  Under IC 36-2-3-6, the county council may employ legal and administrative personnel necessary to perform its duties.  (Generally see IC 36-2-3, for duties of the county council.)