Warren County Area Plan & Zoning Office


Warren County Courthouse (First Floor)
125 N. Monroe Street, Suite 1
Williamsport, IN  47993


(765) 762-6311


Monday - Friday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm EST
Closed for major holidays


John Kuiper, Director

Karen Brooks, Deputy


BOARD        MEMBER                 APPOINTED BY                        TERM

APC         Randy Haddock        Statute (Surveyor)               Statute

APC          Becky Ehler              Statute (extension office)   Statute

APC          Ruann Marks            Williamsport                           2023

APC          Greg Robison            Town Advisory Council         2023

APC          Marty Blessing          County Commissioners         2023

APC          Ralph Schrader         School Corporation               2023

APC          Perry Conrad            County Council                      2024               


Chairman                   Marty Blessing

Vice Chairman          Ralph Schrader

Karen Brooks            Secretary

Jud Barce                   Attorney


BZA           Neal Austin                County Commissioners         2023

BZA           Greg Robison            Area Plan Commission         Yearly

BZA           Ruann Marks            Williamsport                           2021

BZA           Marty Blessing      County Commissioners       2024

BZA           Jack Kay                    West Lebanon                        2023


Chairman                   Marty Blessing

Vice Chairman          Ruann Marks

Karen Brooks            Secretary

Jud Barce                   Attorney


The Area Plan & Zoning Office is responsible for: issuing building permits, overseeing special exceptions and variances, explaining and enforcing the ordinance, overseeing building projects

Office Duties Include: Building inspections, responding to violations and complaints pertaining to the ordinance.





NOTE:  If this is the first time that you have filed for a permit, it is best to schedule a stop in our office.

  1. Application:  Applications are available in the Zoning Office.  The form must be filled out completely to best of the applicant's knowledge. Any missing information could hold up the process.
  2. Description of work to be done:   A brief description of work to be done.
  3. Signature:   A signature will be required on each application.
  4. Site Plan:   A simple drawing will be required and attached to application showing the structure or improvement to the property. Please include distance from front, side, and back.  A site inspection may be required prior to any site work.  Check with the Zoning Director for this.
  5. Estimated Cost of Project:   Permit fees are based on size of construction.  Make checks payable to Warren County Treasure.
  6. Inspection Requirements:   Each building project and electrical permit will require certain inspections. Foundation (prior to pouring), framing, electrical rough in, temporary electric service, electric service, and final inspection in some cases. Owner or contractor should notify Zoning office prior to required inspection. Zoning office will inspect site within 24 hours or sooner from time of call.