Warren County is located in West Central Indiana, between the Wabash River and the Illinois state line. We are one of the most rural counties in Indiana, and our farmland is among the state’s most productive. Warren County is not just agriculture – we are also home to manufacturing, education, health care, and government.

The beauty of Warren County is unsurpassed. We boast the highest free-falling waterfall in the state, located in downtown Williamsport. The Black Rock Barrens Nature Preserve is a rare siltstone glade area that supports a diversity of flora. Big Pine Creek is the county’s largest waterway, besides the Wabash River, and is designated by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources as a scenic canoe trail. Fall Creek Gorge Nature Preserve hosts potholes and cascades. We have historic churches, homes, and bridges.

Our residents are among the friendliest you will find anywhere. We invite you to visit us and experience glorious Warren County.


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Corner Section survey work will be starting in the Jordan Creek Windfarm area.  Westwood Professional Services is the contract company, they will leave door hangers or try to contact the land owner as they are working.  Some of the gravel roads will need small areas excavated, this will be repaired before moving to the next location.  They will be contracting with a local company for the excavation and repairs. 


 Westwood Surveying & Engineering



Excavation Process:


In order to adhere to the Indiana Statue, it is required to excavate some corner locations based on certain conditions. The corner locations which will be excavated have been determined based on the following criteria:

  • Is there evidence of a stone or other monument which has not been previously recovered?
  • If there is a monument in the ground and the origin is unknown, it is a likely candidate for excavation.
  • A corner is not recommended for excavation if it has been in the ground and been relied upon by previous land surveyors for a period greater than 20 years.
  • If the road is in a cut section (the road is lower than natural ground) the corner is not recommended for excavation.
  • If the road is in a fill section (roadway is higher than natural ground) an excavation will not be recommended if the resulting hole will be deeper than 6’.
  • It is recommended by Westwood that paved roads will not be excavated for safety concerns to the public and our field staff. If deemed necessary to excavate in paved roads, Westwood will request full cooperation from Warren County and its staff in the process to guarantee safety and proper repair of the roads.

General information regarding excavations:

  • The size of the excavation is generally around 6’x8’ and to a depth just below natural ground. However, this may need to be expanded based on fence lines, field lines, tree lines, mathematical locations, etc.
  • One calls will be placed before any excavation occurs. If a utility is present, excavation will not occur.
  • A local excavator will be contracted to conduct the excavation.
  • The roadway will be compacted and put back together after excavation by the local contractor. Roads will be monitored over the next few weeks. If the road begins to settle, the contractor will haul/spread gravel back over the excavation site.
  • Temporary road signs will be put up to warn motorists of excavations being conducted in the area.
  • High visibility safety vests will be worn by those participating in the excavations and vehicle beacons will be on at all times during the dig process.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure the road is passable but will likely be one-way traffic during excavation.
  • Safety to the general public and workers participating in the excavations is the top priority.









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